Saturday, June 2, 2012


I want to thank everyone for their emails.  The information has been great.  Please share what you are finding by adding a comment to this post.  A lot of you have spoken with the county and it sounds like you are getting pretty much the same response.  The county is acknowledging that they are using a new computer system and they are aware of some problem areas.  This seems a little too vague for an official response.  When I called I got a similar response but the lady I spoke with emphasized that regardless of the problems the county is having, owners need to file an appeal.  If you decide to wait to appeal until the county makes an official response within the next 45 days, you may loose your right to appeal.  If you are reading this blog you have the ability to appeal online.  It's quick and easy.  Also don't forget to check with your neighbors who don't use computers.    

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  1. Why do you suppose the county wants to know if the subject property is a rental property? I've really no interest in sharing that info with them, as I am not an investor; I'm simply someone who was forced to rent my home when I couldn't sell it (for less than last year's appraised value). Thanks for your opinion.