Friday, June 1, 2012

How to Appeal Your 2012
Dekalb County Georgia
Property Tax Assessment
Friday, June 1, 2012

Step by Step Instructions
Dear Dekalb County Neighbor:

I am a residential real estate associate broker with Prudential Georgia Realty and resident of Dekalb County.  I have been inundated with phone calls from clients and neighbors about the “Annual Notice Of Assessment” that were received in the mail over the last couple of days. Residents are complaining that their property assessments have gone up 50 to 90 percent in a stable to declining real estate market.
Dekalb County is a great place to live and it is unfortunate that the County has made such a blunder on the 2012 assessments.  I want to believe that the county Assessor's office has had a major accounting error by not checking the notices before they were mailed to property owners.  The County is now in a position that they must handle tens of thousands of property appeals.

As a property owner, if your assessment has gone up, you must appeal within 45 days of receiving notice in the mail; otherwise, your new assessment stands.  Because the county has so many outrageously inaccurate assessments to deal with, I believe appealing on line is going to be the most efficient way to appeal.  I also believe that if you are just asking for your property assessment to remain the same as 2011 then the County is most likely going to immediately grant your request.  If for some unknown reason the county does not recognize your last year’s value; you still have the opportunity and right to further appeal.
Please check with your family members and neighbors that do not have access to a computer and the internet to see if you can file their appeal for them online.

I filed my appeal online.  It was a quick and painless process.  The hardest part is navigating through all the web pages.  The following pages will give you step by step instructions.  I have included screen shots to make it a little easier to navigate.  Please drop me an email at if you see any improvements that need to be made.  Also please read my required disclosure on the last page.

Hope this is helpful.  

Good luck.

Harrison Rogers

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